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May 27, 2009



Netbooks are not rubbish this article is.
I use my MSI Wind with a 9 cell battery and I love it. I'm on the on the road regularly and my netbook is ideal for my use. It weighs 2kg approx including charger and accessories (that's the same weight of small bags of sugar), I connect it up to my "Bluetooth" phone or Wi-fi and can surf the internet for roughly 6 hours from the car/train/pub/cafe/garden/bathroom. It has only 80gb worth of storage no problem as I have a 320gb portable device (everybody should always back up!) Track pad is absolutely fine and I have never really had a problem although a bit plasticy. And as for the processor I have Outlook, Chrome/Firefox, Live Mesh, Excel and a firewall and antivirus all running and I don't get any slowdowns.

It is called a Netbook for a reason.


I am using EEE PC 901 with Debain GNU/Linux running on it .

I un KDE4 + firefox + openoffice +mplayer at the same time and I don't have any problems with it .

The battery also runs fine and the whole machine is quite comfortable to carry. Some of my friends even bought this device after trying it out as it suits the purpose of portablity


People are being told that netbooks aren’t powerful enough and that they are just for accessing the net. Today's benchmarks do not provide a perspective on how much processing power they really have. They only compare current technology.

Here is a different kind of benchmark from the Good Olde Days.


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