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January 06, 2009



Hi, thanks for this solutions... but in me, don't work.

I have a Macbook Aluminium, and same think with error 2229.

I know you don't have time for specific help, but, in this one you can Try, is just Macbook Aluminium, with that solution, you may help a loooot of peole.



Joe - the Boot Camp drivers for the new aluminium MacBooks are undoubtedly different to the ones for the original MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac. I bet if you tried to install the Boot Camp drivers from the same vintage Leopard installation disk as the one I have, you would have a system that isn't fully functional.
I suggest you read the earlier post http://techiemusings.typepad.com/techie_musings/2008/10/running-windows-7-pdc-build-on-a-mac-with-boot-camp.html and edit the BootCamp.msi file that is in the Boot Camp directory on the installation media you have.


i did it exactly the way your described it here...but i used bootcamp 2.1 so i needed to patch my own .MSI. So i could install the drivers but unfournunately the Keyboard and Trackpad etc does not work.
Any ideas for this problem?
thanks in advance"


I have a mid 07 Mac Pro (2 Dual core Xeons)
I followed all your instructions exactly, and had complete success.
Win 7 with all Boot Camp mods is now happily running on my Mac.



I'm still same with 2229. =_=;


Hi, I edited the BootCamp.msi like mentioned and it installed fine on windows 7 beta 1 on my macbook air. However the Trackpad and Keyboard do not work in windows 7 ( no FN key functionality, not right click option with the trackpad! ) Resolution, sound, wlan and brightness are perfect.


Thanks for the help ..... Although for the non US there is something else to do...
For the installer to work, the region settings need to be US. And while it is easier not to change them during install. You can also after installing set them to the US for installing the bootcamp drivers. Afterwards you can put them on whatever you like or live.

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