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October 31, 2008



i cant get step 1 to work. The windows 7 installer freezes after i choose a destination partition. It copies files and then stops completely.


Not sure what to tell you. If you already have Windows installed on the Boot Camp partition, you could boot into that Windows install and kick off the Win7 installation from there.


I can't get this to work. When I try to execute the cracked msi it displays the same error with both the standard and the cracked one. Error code is something like 2229? Any help? :)


That error probably means that something is missing from the MSI.
Have you copied the patched MSI over the original one? Are all the other drivers in the directory?
Have you tried running the Setup program instead of the MSI?


Yeah! Same goes for me (Error 2229). Thought it was because of an error while downloading with IE, so I tried with Firefox, but same thing again.

Michael So

same msi error
it just look like unpatched
is it the correct file? or u make uploaded the original one by mistake ;-)
what program u use to modify the string?


Same problem here... But I get the same error trying to run bootcamp from the cd


I successfully installed Windows 7 on bootcamp but I'm having some sort of drivers issues. I followed your guide, but no help.

My index rating on Windows 7 is 1.0 because of the video drivers. Because of this, I can't get the Aero effect going.

Have you got it working ?


This is great! I have never had an easier time with boot camp, and it's windows freakin 7. The blue badge even works and everything, yay superbar! Thanks for this little hack, what a big help.


Hi, I encountered the same problem as these people above me. Can you explain how to tweak the .msi to approve Win7 or link to some article on this issue. I'd really like to get things working 100% and running the real installer would go a long way!

I did individually install most of the drivers that probably were meant for my specific MBP model, but it left some oddities that I'm in the process of fixing.


i have the same problem i downloaded the file and overwrite the file (BootCamp.msi) but then i got the error 2229 no differents if I run the setup or the msi file, any idea????


Same goed for me too. Error 2229, with original and this modified .msi file. Anyone solved this issue?
I can't get the SATA drivers to install, so my harddisk rating is much lower than on VISTA.
My score was a 5,2 in Vista and in Windows 7 it's 3,0. Macbook aliminum 2,4 ghz.

Jose Trujillo

Hi, I0m geting the same error.

Please Techie Musings, what can we do?



Details of the modifications I made to Bootcamp.msi are in red at the top of the post. I am unable provide individual assistance.

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